Reset Password on Extreme SummitX460

We need to reset password for several possible reasons, forgot to set the local user account (this happened to me while I was labbing to simulate the environment to test the commands on the switch before implementation) or the password has been expired. These steps work for Extreme SummitX460 on XOS For older summit series, such as Alpine Series, you can try the steps from the following link.

  1. Connect switch to serial console;
  2. Cold boot your device (power of the device, wait a minute, power on the device);
  3. In the very beginning of the boot process press Space to enter bootrom menu;
  4. Follow this procedure to remove any configuration and passwords:
  5. These steps result the switch with default login (admin and empty password)

For your information, I took this from help menu on bootrom:

You can see my log files when I perform the reset. You can download it from my dropbox link

Thank you and hope it helps.



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