Network Engineer Jokes

Sesekali humor itu diperlukan agar tidak bosan. Bahkan seringkali perlu mengerti konsep supaya bisa mengerti lucunya dimana. Berikut beberapa jokes yang beredar di internet tentang network engineering dari berbagai sumber.

Five routers walk into a bar. Who gets the car keys? The Designated Router.
An ARP request goes to McDonald’s and asks for a Big MAC
Q. What did the OSPF router say to the other OSPF router? Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello
I heard a great one about IPSEC, but you wouldn’t get it — it’s an inside joke.
The problem with UDP jokes: I don’t get half of them.
TCP must be religious… Why? Because it all starts with a SYN
Telling a lot of bluetooth jokes will reduce the bandwidth of your WiFi jokes.
Serial jokes must be told bit by bit.
If you have experienced an ICMP joke, ping me.
The worst thing about broadcast storm jokes is that everyone’s already heard them a hundred times.
IP packet with TTL=1 arrives at bar. Bartender: “Sorry, can’t let you leave…and you don’t get any beer either…”



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