FTD Cannot Ping to Other Connected Devices

After reimaging the ASA to FTD, there was a problem with the connection between my laptop and FTD. FTD management interface cannot ping my laptop NIC IP address even though they’re on the same subnet and directly connected.

After some research, I found out that this happen related to the confreg value. I forgot to set the confreg value back to the default and keeping the confreg value 0x41 on ROMMON mode.

I reloaded the FTD, boot to ROMMON, and change the confreg value to the default 0x1, then boot. After doing all that, I can ping from FTD management interface to my laptop NIC IP address and vice versa.

I found this solution from this nice post and a small post from the support forum. Never in my mind that the confreg is the culprit.

FDM showing error message “Application Failure”

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